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Video: Ex-UFC fighter Jason Mayhem Miller arrested, charged with misdemeanor battery (Updated)

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Troubled former UFC fighter Jason Miller has once again been arrested by police in Southern California, this time in Laguna Beach.

It's another arrest for the troubled Jason Miller. The former UFC and Strikeforce fighter, aptly and commonly known as "Mayhem" throughout his career, was arrested outside "The White House" bar and restaurant in the pristine resort city of Laguna Beach, California. Grainy video (via TerezOwens) of his arrest, which can be viewed at the top of the page, shows him in handcuffs and struggling with officers who were trying to take him into the police van. There were plenty of unintelligible quotes throughout the clip but one man repeatedly shouted "Why don't you take the drunk guy home?", which was possibly referring to Mayhem.

Mayhem's ugly history with the law has been highly publicized in the MMA community. Late last year he engaged in a standoff with a SWAT team outside of his home, and even live-tweeted the event before surrendering to authorities. He plead not guilty to charges related to the standoff, which was preceded by officials serving a warrant on previous domestic violence charges. Going back a bit further, the 34-year-old was arrested in 2012 for his naked break-in of a church.

Bloody Elbow has been informed that Mayhem is currently still in custody but details of what he's charged with are not known, at this point. We will update this post with further details as they become available.

UPDATE: Bail Agent (and BE reader) Marco Zambrano has provided an update on Jason Miller's arrest. Miller is currently being held on charges of misdemeanor battery and resisting arrest. Bail has reportedly been set at $20,000. At this time there's no information available on the victim or the exact details of the incident that led to these charges.