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Urijah Faber on rematches: I'd rather hit Dominick Cruz in the face, My leg still hurts from when I fought Aldo

Which fighter would Urijah Faber love to rematch?

Urijah Faber has fought the best of the best when it comes to the lighter weights. He has only lost to 3 champions in the last 6 years: Twice to Barao with the second being a somewhat controversial stoppage, a razor thin decision against Dominick Cruz where they have gone 1-1, and a decision to dominant featherweight champ Jose Aldo.

More options are available now that Faber has moved back up to featherweight, but when asked which of the losses he would prefer to try and avenge, he gave an interesting answer. From a recent media scrum:

"I'm not thinking that far, my leg still hurts from the last time I fought Aldo," Faber said with a laugh. "He and Chad (Mendes) had an amazing fight, so right now I wanna fight Frankie and I wanna see what other fights look like in different weight classes. There's a lot of things can happen."

"Like Chael when he fought Anderson, then he suddenly fought Jon 'Bones' Jones and beat top contenders like Shogun Rua. This sport is so fickle, and me being a guy who is tested and mentally tough, I'm ready for any opportunity."

"It's a no brainer when talking about following your passion, which I've been known for," he continued. "Would I be more passionate punching Dominick in the face, or Barao in the face? I would definitely rather hit Dominick in the face. Not that Barao wouldn't be fun to hit, but Cruz and I don't really like each other."

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Watch the entire media scrum above where Faber spoke about various topics such as a potential Team Alpha Male vs. Nova Uniao season of the Ultimate Fighter, and the difference of coaching philosophies between Duane Ludwig and Martin Kampmann.

If the player above isn't working, you can also watch the clip on YouTube.