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Former M-1 Global champion reflects on the tragic murder of renowned head coach in Dagestan

Former M-1 Global middleweight champion Ramazan Emeev discusses the aftermath of his head coach Musail Allaudinov's murder back in 2013.

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In July 2013, renowned coach and Russian MMA pioneer Musail Allaudinov was murdered in his native Dagestan after being fired at while in his car. It was a tragic death that shook the entire Russian MMA community, as Allaudinov's was pivotal in the development of the sport in Dagestan.

Allaudinov was responsible for bringing up the likes of Rashid Magomedov, Shahbulat Shamhalaev, and former M-1 Global middleweight champion Ramazan Emeev. The latter, who is scheduled to face the fighter who dethroned him last year, Vyacheslav Vasilevsky, in a title fight rematch at M-1 Challenge 56, is still greatly impacted by the loss of his friend and mentor.

"This person, he was like elder brother for all of us," Emeev said in an interview with M-1 Global. "He led the way for his fighters. I could have been proposed a fight for one-week notice, and I knew that he'd make me prepare for 100%. His only glance was enough for you to start action. Musail Allaudinov was more than a solid support for all of us.

The Ministry of Interior in Dagestan revealed that Musa was gunned down by an automatic weapon while on the Makhachkala - Kaspiysk highway. His Toyota Camry showed 27 bullet holes, and the murder weapon - a Kalashnikov - was left next to the car, which suggests that it was a contract killing and not a random occurrence.

A few days following the murder, investigators revealed that Allaudinov was "closely connected" with former Makhachkala mayor, Mr. Said Amirov, and was apparently selecting some of his top fighters to become a part of the Mayor's security detail. They did not rule out that he might have been aware of "shady" activity and had become a liability.

"They still didn't find a murderer," said Emeev. "There was one guy under the investigation, but he was cleared after all. I'm glad, by the way, because I wouldn't like him to become a real murderer. I don't even know why police took him. This story is full of dark secrets."

38 years old at the time of his death, Allaudinov left behind a legacy, as well as his "Gorets" gym, where the fighters continue to train. It is still a second home to them.

"We are ok, no problems. Everything comes better and better. We have our small cozy gym, nobody makes any trouble for us. Nobody tries to get rid of us. This is our place where any of us can train any time. Our head coach Shamil Alibatyrov and others do everything, work a lot. Day after day it becomes as it have to be. I'm happy with that."