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Tyrone Spong wins pro boxing debut via first-round KO

After almost a year-long hiatus from professional fighting, Glory and WSOF light-heavyweight Tyrone Spong has made a successful comeback on Friday and won the first boxing match of his career via first-round knockout.

Elier Saunders

Last April, Tyrone Spong broke his leg in Anderson Silva-like fashion in the final of Glory kickboxing's big light-heavyweight tournament against Gokhan Saki. Less than a year later, Spong is back. The Blackzilian made his in-ring return at a local boxing event in Berlin, Germany on Friday, competing under boxing rules for the first time in his career, apparently to favor his previously injured leg.

The promoter promised before the event, not to match Spong up with a can, but that's exactly what happened. The seasoned striking expert was announced as making his pro-debut (which technically he really did, at least in boxing) and demolished the 7-34-6 helpless Hungarian giant Gabor Farkas after 1:14 minute with a crushing right hook.

See the footage here:

Obviously, this fight doesn't say much about Spong's current condition, let alone if can kick again properly
after recovering from such a horrific injury. But he looked healthy and aggressive, and this is a good sign, I guess.

There is no word as of right now, if and when he will return to Glory.

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