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'Babalu' fighting Chael Sonnen at Metamoris: 'I will submit him in less than 10 minutes'

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Renato 'Babalu' Sobral faces former UFC star Chael Sonnen at Metamoris VI and is intent on submitting the former UFC star.

Esther Lin/Strikeforc

Despite rumblings of secret tournaments, Metamoris has been relatively quiet in recent months. However, all that is set to change with the announcement that outspoken former UFC star Chael Sonnen will be return to Metamoris to face Renato "Babalu" Sobral in a rematch of their fight at UFC 55. Sonnen will be looking to bounce back from a rear-naked choke loss to Andre Galvao when he steps up against Sobral at Metamoris VI.

Sobral's submission pedigree isn't quite on the level of Galvao and he has recently lost a match to Tom DeBlass, but Babalu is confident that Sonnen is no match for him on the ground.

"Andre Galvao is one of the top in grappling, and he did a great job against Sonnen at Metamoris 4. I already expected that result, actually," he told "I think Sonnen will come in strong and try that guillotine, one of his best attacks, but I don't see him catching me, submitting me. I will submit him in less than 10 minutes."

While Babalu won by submission when he fought Sonnen in MMA, the Brazilian believes that Sonnen, a BJJ purple belt, is less likely to make reckless mistakes in a pure grappling match.

"He exposes himself more in MMA. But if he makes a mistake, I'll tap him with a triangle choke," he said. "I'll use my entire arsenal, everything I can, to tap him."

Chael Sonnen hasn't competed in submission grappling nearly as much as Sobral, but judging by the improvements he has made to his pure jiu jitsu since UFC 55, Sobral might well be surprised by Sonnen's submission acumen.

Metamoris VI goes down in Los Angeles, California on May 9th.