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Tweet of the Day: Lady Gaga training at UFC gym

Justin Bieber has Floyd Mayweather, but another of pop music's biggest stars is taking on combat sports training.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

First it was Brock Lesnar, crashing the gates of MMA stardom and running the tables in the UFC. Now, we've got CM Punk, training out in Wisconsin and getting ready for his debut with the world's largest MMA promotion. Who will the next crossover celebrity be that makes the jump into Zuffa and prime time cage fighting?

Could it be Justin Beiber? After all, fans have seen his sweet boxing moves from training with Floyd Mayweather. Hell, Forrest Griffin even offered to train Orlando Bloom for a potential super fight. However, it looks like the pop idol on the fastest track to UFC stardom could be Lady Gaga, as she recently posted a short video of her working out at a UFC gym. That's right folks, Lady Gaga tranes UFC:

A video posted by @ladygaga on

Could we have the next contender for Rousey's title on the way? Because you know that would be a PPV monster. And yeah, no events this weekend means things are getting a bit slow around here.

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