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MMA 3-Way: Ronda Rousey vs. a man? (The Lost Episode)

Pulitzer-Prize level journalism banished to internet purgatory by the remorseless Youtube gods ... and Kid Nate too, kinda.

Unless you're new to the Bloody Elbow video series, you're quite aware that technology hates us and also that the feeling is, at the very least, quite mutual.

With a heavy and wounded heart, I must reluctantly report that, today, technology is surely celebrating another not-so-hard-fought victory over our irrepressible establishment. With our fearless leader, Kid Nate, manning the controls (first warning sign) of yesterday's MMA 3-Way, and myself and Eugene S. Robinson gracefully assuming the roles of snickering and cynical cronies, an epic and groundbreaking discussion ensued on the topic of UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey fighting a man.

Unfortunately, "epic" and "groundbreaking" can be neither confirmed nor denied due to the fact that Youtube only spat out a 12-minute recording of our hour-long show. And the remainder of the material, you ask? Vanished. Obliterated. Thoughtlessly cast into the internet's lake of fire, likely as karmic penance for some foul and unforgivable sin of journalism committed in the past. Though it's mere speculation at this point, and probably only asserted to ignite dramatic controversy, a very vague and unfounded explanation is that Kid Nate closed his browser window before the broadcast was officially stopped. But let's not drown ourselves in semantics here.

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  • Topics touched on and brilliant insights lost to the ages include:
    • The "wolf tickets" aspect of the whole thing -- the UFC is busy selling an imaginary Rousey vs. a man match-up while ignoring the real fight: Cris Cyborg vs. Ronda Rousey
    • The secret reason for Kid Nate's new beard
    • Eugene's tale of bravely and cleverly standing down a woman who smacked him at a Bad Brains show
    • Mayweather vs Pacquiao -- Eugene thinks the time has passed, Nate thinks it's a dream deferred
    • Dallas thinks it's conceivable that Rousey could beat a couple of guys on the low-end of the UFC roster
    • Nate and Eugene think he's crazy....maybe
    • The lose/lose situation a male fighter challenged by a woman would be in
    • The correlation to the legendary Billie Jean King vs Bobbi Riggs tennis rivalry of the 1970s