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Details of Rampage Jackson's contract perks emerge from Bellator injunction

Bellator's injunction attempting to stop Quinton Jackson from competing at UFC 186 has revealed a variety of interesting notes about Rampage's contract perks.

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Based on some information that became public due to a Bellator injunction, it appears that Quinton Jackson's Bellator contract contained some pretty nice perks. In addition to that, the promotion gave him a whole lot of money to keep him happy. The Viacom-owned promotion believes that Rampage, a former UFC light heavyweight champion, still has fights on his Bellator contract and shouldn't be allowed to compete at UFC 186 next month. Newsday revealed some of the more interesting stuff about his contract from the injunction:

The deal, which was negotiated with then-Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney, included a 2013 Tesla Sport worth $129,603, an additional $100,000 signing bonus and guaranteed fight purses beginning at $200,000 and maxing out at $300,000 for non-PPV fights, according to the complaint. Jackson also was to receive between $200,000 and $450,000 for a pay-per-view fight. Bellator also agreed to pay Jackson $50,000 "in the event that he did not receive a certain revenue amount from sponsorships," the complaint said.

His contract also stated that he'd receive four dollars per pay-per-view buy for everything over 190k buys. When he didn't hit that for his Bellator 120 bout, he was still given a $200,000 bonus according to the report. And there's a lot more where that came from - Jackson would get 30% of any Bellator gate over 400k if he was on the card, for one. Here's more:

  • He got 35k an episode for a four-episode "Rampage 4 Real" reality show on Spike TV.
  • They were supposed to get him a screenwriter for a movie project, and he met with the president of Paramount in regards to "film opportunities"
  • He would make an appearance on the red carpet at the 2014 MTV video awards
  • The promotion paid 250k for a commercial spot on ESPN during the NBA playoffs advertising his PPV bout at Bellator 120
  • They spent 200k for the rights to a Rolling Stones song to use while advertising Rampage

A Stones song? Really? Anyway, all of this stuff is pretty funny to me. Was this the only way Bjorn Rebney could keep Rampage re-signing with the UFC at the time? No wonder he's not in charge with the company any more, and no wonder Jackson signed with them. I'm surprised there wasn't a crazy rider with designated skittles flavours and designer mustards.

The case goes in front of a judge on April 2nd in New Jersey, according to the Newsday report.

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