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Vitor Belfort on being drug tested more than Chris Weidman: 'It's not fair'

Vitor Belfort, who has failed a steroid test in the past and was a TRT user, is having trouble understanding why he has been drug tested seven times while his opponent has only been tested once.

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Vitor Belfort will challenge for the UFC middleweight title at UFC 187 if everything stays on schedule. The same Vitor Belfort failed a drug test for a steroid in 2006, and had major issues with the Nevada State Athletic Commission last year when he failed another test for elevated testosterone after TRT was banned. Despite all that, Belfort is having trouble understanding why he is being drug tested more than his opponent, champion Chris Weidman, who has never failed a test. He attempted to explain his (faulty) logic to the Brazilian media (via Globo) at UFC 184: (translated by MMA Fighting):

"In 2013, I was the only one (tested randomly). I was tested seven times for my fight with Weidman. Seven times," Belfort said. "Did they test my opponent seven times?"


The funny thing is that everybody is clean, nobody do anything wrong. But when they started testing everybody, how many got caught? Forty percent? That shows that for the system to work, everybody has to be tested equally," he said. "If they come test me for my fight with Weidman, they have to go test Weidman as well on the same date, same time. That’s an equal system. It has to be fair. It’s not fair that they test me seven times and only test him once."

He then went on to say he welcomes more testing, or something along those lines:

"We know how the system works these days," "The Phenom" said. "I don’t think the athlete does anything he doesn’t know, so I want them to test me every day. Come take my blood, my urine, but has to be equal for everyone."

I don't think I need to write a few paragraphs to explain to you how ridiculous all of this is. When you fail tests, guess what? You're going to get tested more! UFC president Dana White is fond of complaining about Vitor's lack of sense at times, and this seems like a perfect example of that.

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