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Tweet of the day: Dana White calls Watson rumors 'the furthest thing from the truth'

Addressing rumors of what caused UFC site coordinator Burt Watson to leave the promotion, Dana White disputed the story that it involved a spat between Watson and Rousey's entourage.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The week-long mystery surrounding what exactly caused the "Babysitter to the stars", Burt Watson, to leave the UFC after almost 15 years remains unsolved. After initial rumors that Watson "neglected" Mark Munoz at the UFC 184 weigh-ins were denied by Munoz himself, another rumor from FrontRowBrian claimed that a verbal spat between Watson and someone from Ronda Rousey's entourage, coupled with Dana White siding with Team Rousey, led to Watson's immediate departure. No one from Rousey's camp or Rousey herself has commented on the situation since it was first brought up.

Dana White went to Twitter to address the latest rumor, and he disputed the story, calling it "the furthest thing from the truth".

Current and former UFC fighters were deeply saddened when Watson publicly announced the end of his run as the UFC's event coordinator on Monday. Questions surrounding the seemingly sudden decision will surely continue to swirl around as the UFC approaches its first event without Burt Watson in since the turn of the century.

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