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Conor McGregor on UFC 189: I will certainly push for over one million buys

UFC featherweight star Conor McGregor suggests the PPV buys figure he expects at UFC 189.

UFC featherweight star Conor McGregor has made a habit of verbalizing bold proclamations ahead of his scheduled fights in the UFC. While his statements were generally focused on how quickly he will finish his next opponent, the Irishman made things slightly more interesting ahead of his title fight against Jose Aldo at UFC 189.

McGregor, who is 5-0 inside the UFC octagon, suggested to's Ariel Helwani that he would "push" for one million Pay-Per-View buys. He also suggested that it was logical to place his title fight ahead of the welterweight championship bout, even though the UFC traditionally placed the heavier weight in the headlining bout.

"It stands true to what I'm saying," McGregor explained. "I am up there as one of the, if not the biggest fighter in the game. It's happened a few times where the lighter weight has fought in the main event of heavier guys. When he fought Ricardo Lamas, I said, 'Now he's the pound-for-pound co-main event champion of the world.' Now he's fighting the moneyman, now he fights me. Now we're ahead of the 170-pound division."

The Irishman repeated his earlier sentiment that he will aim to surpass one million PPV buys, and is confident that he will take part in a historic main event in July.

"At one point in time, the 170-pound division was the division. Now it's the 145-pound division; well, it's actually the McGregor division. Wherever I go we'll be ahead of whoever is on the card. It's that simple. I will certainly push for over one million buys. It's a big, big fight people want to see. Every fight, it's 'this is the guy,' now Aldo is the guy. Every fight it's the same process, rinse and repeat. I go out and I make it look easy, I break them down and that is it. A million buys would be sweet. I love to smash records every fight. This will be no different."

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