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Mark Hunt on Stipe Miocic: ‘You get hit once, it’s lights out baby’

UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt discusses his upcoming match-up against Stipe Miocic at UFC Adelaide.

Back in November 2014, Mark Hunt had an opportunity to fight for the UFC interim heavyweight title in a late replacement fight against Fabricio Werdum in Mexico City. With championship gold at stake, Hunt flew to Mexico, cut weight, and tried his luck in the high altitude capital city.

Things did not go his way.

Hunt was hit with a flying knee and follow-up punches to send him tumbling to the canvas. Werdum was crowned champion, and Hunt has yet to watch a replay of the event.

"I didn't watch the replay, I just, you know I don't like going back and looking at 'shoulda, woulda, couldas,'"Hunt told Submission Radio. "I mean I know the mistake I made and it happens to everyone. You make a mistake and you get caught. You know I got caught. It happened in yesterday's fights [UFC 184] and this is the top end. You can't muck around with that sort of jazz"

With that loss now firmly behind him, Hunt set his sights on Top 5 ranked Stipe Miocic, who he is expected to face at the UFC debut event in Adelaide. While Hunt respects the Croatian-American's game, he knows he will have to remain focused not to give his opponents any openings.

"Well I am one of the best fighters in the world you know (laughs). It doesn't matter how technical you are. You get hit once, it's lights out baby. But I respect Stipe like all my opponents. You know I only made that mistake one time and I got knocked out by Melvin Manhoef. I didn't respect him but you know you learn, you move on, and come may 10th we're going to be gunning for each other. So it's going to be great."

However, while Hunt may be focused on his upcoming match-up against Miocic, his long-term goal is another title shot. Given that he remains a staple in the top-end of the division, Hunt is convinced that the road back to a title shot is not particularly long.

"I hope so. I mean Stipe is number four, he's one of the best fighters on the planet you know. We don't muck around here, this is the top end and I'm looking forward to trying to get further than him. He's like trying to put me out so he that can get further than me, so this our business. I mean apart from that I respect the man totally. What we do, I mean this is a hard business and I feel like I could get into that top end and get the number one challenge or the title shot. So this is what we're both gunning for. So we want that belt. All of us want that belt."

Transcription taken from Submission Radio.

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