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Anderson Silva reiterates PED denial: 'I don't know what happened'

Anderson Silva didn't offer much in the way of a new position on his drug test failure, but says that his camp is looking in to some old supplements he was taking.

It looks like the picture of Anderson Silva's potential PED use isn't going to get clearer anytime soon. Silva failed two drug tests surrounding his UFC 183 bout with Nick Diaz, testing positive for the steroids drostanolon and androstane as well as several substances common in anti-anxiety and pain medications. Silva was quick to deny knowledge of the substances at the time the test failures were announced. However, recently the UFC itself scooped up unconfirmed reports that Silva and his team were preparing to admit to therapeutic PED use in the recovery from his leg injury, at a yet to be scheduled Nevada State Athletic Commission (NAC) hearing.

But, if this recent interview with Silva from TMZ Sports is anything to go by, the rumors may be just that, as "the Spider" was quick to reiterate earlier points, that he's not sure why his drug tests turned up positive:

So, I don't know what happened. I'm surprised. When I... When my manager called my and said "Anderson, you have a problem, because you go to the test for the commission; is bad." I say, "What!?" I don't know what happened.

When asked if treatment for his leg injury might be behind the test failure, Anderson hinted that his team was looking into it, but also seemed dismissive of the idea that it was at the root:

Yeah. But, I don't think so. I need to check for old supplement I used. Because, I never fought the commission in this sport. I'm very happy because the commission help me, I help commission. I go to work together [with] the commission. Because, I think this is bad for the sport, it's so bad for me in my life, because I never use nothing for change my performance in the fight.

On the other hand, he did sound pretty sure that he would be coming back to fight again in the UFC, and already has a return fight in mind:

I think the next year... I think have the rematch for Nick. Yeah, absolutely... Yeah, I ready. So, I respect the commission now. When all this is done, I go fight Nick for next one.

Anyone thirsting for Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz 2?