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UFC: Ronda Rousey's sister gives some fun facts about the champ you probably didn't know

Ronda Rousey's sister let fans in on 5 little-known facts about the UFC women's bantamweight champion.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Ronda Rousey has been plastered over the MMA and sports media waves almost constantly for the last several weeks due to her scheduled title defense against Cat Zingano, a fight she won with remarkable speed and skill. Anything she says or does generally makes news, whether she has a fight or not, so it stands to reason that some stories might fall through the cracks.

Her sister, Maria Burns Ortiz, is a sports journalist who serves as the social media columnist for and is a contributor to FOX Latino. Ortiz wrote a great feature about Ronda with 5 facts you probably don't know about the transcendent star. I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't share this fun piece with our readers, so I have chosen two of those facts for here and will link you to the ESPN post to read the rest.

Ronda Rousey has only ever dated guys named "Bob."

Our mom, AnnMaria De Mars, who also happens to be the 1984 world judo champion, has a policy of calling all of our boyfriends and even potential boyfriends by the name "Bob." Her reasoning: "What's the point in learning his name if he's not going to be sticking around?"

She also assigns completely arbitrary numbers to each Bob to differentiate one from another. For example, Ronda's last boyfriend was "Bob 6." And yes, she calls them that to their faces.

So how does a boyfriend move from Bob to his actual name? The only way that happens is upon marrying into the family. So yes, by this standard, Ronda has dated only guys named Bob. (Well, except for Ronda's first boyfriend, but Mom's name for him is not suitable for print.)

Ronda's first trip to the emergency room was for a reason you'd never guess.

Ronda's list of fight injuries is common knowledge, but would you believe that the first time she ever went to the ER was because of a Raisinet? This was the scene: Ronda and her two older sisters, Jennifer and I, had been making silly faces that involved putting candy in our nostrils -- because hey, that's the kind of stupid stuff small children find hilarious. Then, Ronda pushed a Raisinet up a bit too far.

When it wouldn't budge, we had no choice but to tell our mom. When she couldn't get the candy out, seeking medical attention was the only option. We loaded into the car and headed for the nearest ER. Just as we were pulling into our parking spot, the candy dislodged and popped out. The chocolate layer had melted just enough to let the raisin slide out.

To this day, Ronda avoids Raisinets like the plague.

You can catch the rest of the 5 facts HERE.