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Video: Conor McGregor steals Jose Aldo's belt at UFC Dublin press conference

Conor McGregor has eyes only for Jose Aldo's gold.

The UFC's World Championship Tour is ending on a wild note. Today at their final, Dublin event, Conor McGregor decided he wasn't waiting until July to get a hold of Jose Aldo's belt. The presser started with a huge ovation from the Irish fans and a lot of hate for Aldo. It was a raucous crowd, and when Jose Aldo told the crowd that he was the "real king of Dublin" and that they would be bowing to him once he'd beaten McGregor, things got a little out of hand.

McGregor, ever the promotional opportunist, used the raucous energy as the perfect chance to lunge in and snatch Aldo's belt from in front of him. White stepped in to separate the two men, as McGregor shouted at Aldo "You're looking at the king. You're not the king of Dublin, you're nothing." It's been nothing but controlled chaos all the way through; it's just too bad the fight is still so far off.

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