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Chad Mendes still smarting over Conor McGregor interview interruption: 'The whole thing was bulls**t'

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Some people just lend themselves to controversy. Conor McGregor seems to create it whenever he interacts with fellow fighters.

In the saga of Conor McGregor callouts, his brief feud with Chad Mendes, in the lead up to Aldo vs. Mendes 2 last October, seems practically like ancient history. If you'll enter the way-back-machine with me briefly... Mendes was appearing on BTSport's Beyond the Octagon series, hosted by Garreth A Davies, shortly before his second title shot against Jose Aldo. It just so happened that current title challenger Conor McGregor was on the show as well, live in studio. Never one to turn down an opportunity for drama, Davies asked Mendes to deliver a message to McGregor. Mendes replied that "When I see Conor, I see dollar signs in my bank account. I match up horrible for this guy." McGregor told Mendes he'd rest his balls on Mendes' forehead.

It was a quip that got Conor a lot of attention, and an exchange that Mendes is still not happy with, as he told Ariel Helwani on the March 30th edition of the MMA Hour. Most particularly, Mendes isn't happy with the show producers for using his title shot as a chance to build McGregor's star:

Yeah, I guarantee... I mean that's 100% what I was thinking. I mean, I thought that whole thing was pretty much bullshit. I don't know who the hell set that up, if it was the UFC or if it was those assholes over there... But no, man, that was pretty much bullshit. They didn't tell me he was gonna get on there. I'm sitting there in Brazil, the quality of the interview sucked, it's breaking up, I can't really hear what the hell is going on over there, can't see anything. Yeah, it was just... I'm, like, two days before I'm supposed to fight for the title. Yeah, I thought the whole thing was bullshit, you know? And I don't know who set it up, I'd like to find out. I'd like to stomp somebody, but yeah, it was stupid, man. I couldn't believe they did that.

You know, I feel what just sucked on my part is, I couldn't hear what the hell was going on. And the crowd was so loud over there, I couldn't hear any of the people talkin to me. I could just kinda hear Conor coming in and out, talking shit. So obviously, I can't get anything across. So, he's probably sitting over there all jolly, fucking, with his stupid little beard-moustache. It was just kind of a stupid situation. That was something I'd like to do face to face, staring across from him in the Octagon, so that he can run his mouth and I can whoop his ass after.

Chad Mendes is set to face Ricardo Lamas at UFC Fight Night Fairfax this Saturday, April 4th. It will be Mendes' first fight back since losing to Jose Aldo at UFC 179.