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Video: Roy Jones Jr. wins second fight in just three weeks with another early knockout

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Boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. has been reduced to fighting journeyman and club-level fighters, but at least he's managed some easy wins.

You thought Roy Jones Jr. wasn't boxing anymore? Y'all musta forgot! One of boxing's all-time greats is quite clearly a faded legend, and that's been the case ever since Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson knocked him out cold in consecutive fights in 2004, but Jones is still active in the ring. The former

Just three weeks ago, Jones took care of Willie Williams (who isn't the former NFL player) in just two rounds at a show in Concord, NC, and apparently he was so unscathed that he was able to headline a March 28th event in his home state of Florida. Jones (61-8, 44 KOs) was paired up against fellow cruiserweight (190 lbs) Paul Vasquez, whose 10-7-1 record with 3 KOs suggested that he was going to be another opponent for the 46-year-old Roy to run through.

The above video shows Roy trapping Vasquez in a corner and unleashing a big combination of punches to the head and body. It appears that the final left hook was the one that hurt and felled Vasquez, who did beat the count, but the referee called a halt to the bout based on how Vasquez was walking as they were in a position to re-start the fight.

To put a downer on this, if Roy Jones does end up facing an actual top cruiserweight like Marco Huck, he will get absolutely destroyed. These are just easy paydays for Roy as he tries to aim for another major title fight, but lest we forget the gruesome ending to the Denis Lebedev bout in 2011.

That's not to say there still aren't fights for Jones Jr. that the fanbase won't watch. Maybe he can get that Chris Lytle match done soon, because that's definitely been discussed over the past year.

For longer footage of Jones vs. Vasquez, check out the clip at the bottom of the page: