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Jose Aldo: Conor McGregor didn't slap me!

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The UFC featherweight champion insists that the infamous McGregor 'slap' to his back has never happened.

Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Can we already call it slap-gate? To fast-track you to what this whole slap-thing is all about: There are two top UFC featherweights, champion Jose Aldo and brash challenger Conor McGregor. Both have been on an unprecedented media tour to promote their fight at UFC 189 for over a week now and they genuinely dislike each other. McGregor has pulled lots of pranks and fired even more insults towards Aldo, and topped everything by allegedly "slapping" the champ on his back in a TV studio in Canada two days ago.

UFC president Dana White was happy to share the story, of course, and added, that Aldo is now "very crazy". But in a recent interview, Aldo himself played down the situation:

"We went to a studio early in the morning for a live show, and we already stared at each other as soon as (McGregor) arrived," Aldo told UFC. "I was sitting in the couch with Dana, and he sit behind me. He pulled my jacket, so I immediately stood up. Dana turned, separated us and apologized. There was no slap. He pulled my jacket. That's what happened. It looks like Dana said that he slapped me, but he didn't even see it."

(Transcription via MMA Fighting)

So folks, you can keep calm and walk by, there's nothing to see here. There hasn't been any slap at all, only a jacket pull, according to Aldo. Watch the video of the said incident here.