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Chael Sonnen: UFC 187's Jon Jones vs. Anthony Johnson 'won't happen, mark my words'

Chael Sonnen gave interesting answers about Jon Jones vs. Anthony Johnson and Anderson Silva's failed drug test

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Chael Sonnen was on Reddit for one of their 'Ask Me Anything' sessions, and the former two-division UFC title challenger fielded dozens of questions from fans. Interestingly enough, he had the same answer on two separate questions about the upcoming light heavyweight title between Jon Jones and Anthony Johnson at UFC 187.

Here's how the conversation went:

Fan: Will Jon Jones lose to Rumble?

Sonnen: JJ/AJ won't happen.

A few questions down later, he was asked the same thing:

Fan: Hey Chael big fan! What do you think about Jones vs Johnson?

Sonnen: Won't happen. Mark my words.

Sonnen didn't elaborate, but there are very few ways a big fight like this gets cancelled, with the more common ones being due to an injury or a failed drug test. Although as I'm sure you may know, sometimes the latter doesn't even lead to a fight cancellation these days.

Speaking of drug tests, Sonnen also fielded questions about another former opponent in Anderson Silva:

Fan: Do you think Anderson silva was juicing when he fought you?

Sonnen: By todays standards? Sure. More than I was? Doubtful.

The 37-year-old recently retired from MMA competition, but will be part Metamoris as he joins the submission-only grappling event against Renato Sobral this May.