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Watch Conor McGregor's 'slap' to Jose Aldo's shoulder in Episode 8 of UFC Embedded

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It's the power move that apparently drove Jose Aldo nuts, Conor McGregor gave Jose Aldo a squeeze of the shoulder while at the TSN studios and left Aldo fuming.

No "slapping", really more of a friendly shoulder squeeze. Heck, it was practically a massage; a polite attempt by Conor McGregor to relieve a little of the champ's tension... Or not. The dramatic terms in which Dana White described it just a couple days ago may have been a little outsized, but whatever you want to call it, it was enough for Jose Aldo to know just exactly what was intended. The latest episode of UFC Embedded, continues to document the rising tensions between champion and challenger on the UFC's World Championship Tour to promote UFC 189: Aldo vs. McGregor.

Neither man appears to be missing a moment to take a dig at the other. Most particularly, Conor McGregor seems to be working overtime to stay in Jose Aldo's head and get under his skin. Is it working? If Aldo's reaction to McGregor getting handsy is anything to go by, I'd say it is.

Watch and you'll also see Jose Aldo struggling to keep his schedule and the fighters stopped to sit in a replica of the Iron Throne as well. Lots more goodies in there, so check out the latest episode and stay tuned.