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Report - Thiago Silva's ex wife celebrates his KO loss at WSOF 19: 'Made my day'

Thaysa Kamiji, Thiago Silva's ex wife, was apparently thrilled when she found out the former UFC light-heavyweight had been knocked out by Ted Holder in his World Series of Fighting debut.

After a long time struggle to get back in action, controversial ex-UFC light heavyweight Thiago Silva finally made his return at World Series of Fighting 19. It was not the comeback he anticipated, though. Getting knocked out in the first round by a, literally, last hour replacement, Teddy Holder, can't have been the debut Silva was looking for. To add salt in the wound, the Brazilian's ex-wife has reportedly been celebrating his stunning defeat.

Thaysa Kamiji, went through a tough break up with the light-heavyweight last year. Domestic violence and death threat claims by her kept Silva away from fighting for over a year, although charges against Thiago were later dismissed. Things turned south when videos of Thiago carrying a gun and talking to her while allegedly under the influence of illicit substances came to surface and the UFC promptly re-fired him.

Now, as was reported by Ultimmato, it appears Kamiji went on her Facebook page to celebrate Silva's loss.

"Awesome! Made my day! Who is Teddy Holder? Who didn't touch gloves with his opponent? What will his excuse for the knockout be? What goes around comes around".

Usually very vocal, Thiago still hasn't said anything about what Kamiji wrote, though he believes referee Ryan Brueggerman stepped in a little too early to stop his bout.

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