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Video: Controversial scoring error in ProFC 57 main event leads to brawl in Russia

Watch footage of the brawl that took place in Russia following a judging error in the evening’s main event.

On Sunday afternoon, controversy ensued in the ProFC 57 main event title fight that eventually led to a dramatic brawl in the cage.

The main event of the renowned Russian MMA event featured a middleweight title fight between champion Shamil Abdulkhalikov and Mikhail Kolobegov. The fight was scheduled for three rounds, so once the fight concluded, Shamil and his corner waited what they expected to be a clear decision victory.

However, for the second time that evening, a judicial error forced a fourth round in the fight, where Mikhail threw a Hail-Mary flying knee late in the fight and knocked Shamil out cold.

As Mikhail celebrated his victory by running around the cage, one of Shamil's cornermen dived onto him from above the cage, while another ran inside and threw a pair of knees at his head. Once Mikhail was able to separate himself from the pack, the brawl ensued, all while Shamil lay unconscious on the canvas.

The full video of the fight, as well as the brawl is available above. The full sequence of events begins at 26:42.

"It's a pity that it all happened," Mikhail said following the event. "The guys were angry from both Shamil and my team. I am unhappy with the judges as well as Abdulhalikov. For example, in the second round when I had the advantage on the ground, but the judge stopped the fight and brought us to our feet. As for the fight itself, I was physically ready to fight five rounds."

It was revealed shortly following the brawl that the main event was to be rescheduled for a later date.