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Swiss MMA fighter killed in apparent gang-related shooting

Swiss welterweight fighter and bouncer Boris Racic was killed in a shooting last Sunday morning in Zurich, Switzerland. Racic allegedly was vice president of the internationally organized street gang 'Black Jackets'.

Sunday morning 5:15 in Zurich's district of Affoltern, the 30-year old Boris Racic, MMA fighter and bouncer of the popular night club "Mascotte", got hit by multiple gun shots in broad daylight. Police and paramedics arrived minutes later and tried to resuscitate him - without success. Racic died on the scene. Swiss news outlet reported the news yesterday.

Local police is currently investigating the reason behind the shooting.

Three people have been apprehended near the crime scene right after the shooting, one of them another MMA fighter who allegedly, along with two accomplices, attacked Racic with a knife one month ago. Racic had also been seriously threatened via Facebook over the last couple of weeks.

"He was a great sportsman and a really good person," said his father, Dragan Racic. "Never has he been violent. I am in never ending pain and agony right now." Racic was indeed said to be a calm person. But has also supposedly been vice president of the local chapter of the "Black Jackets", an internationally organized street gang with a great number of members coming from the Balkan region. Racic is of Montenegrin descent. The group is similarly structured to a motorcycle club - basically just without the motorcycles.

Also, reported in another article that Racic was involved in the infamous soccer-related hooligan group "Zürichs kranke Horde" (engl.: "Zurich's Sick Horde"), one of the most powerful and feared groups of their kind in Switzerland.

Racic has competed in seven pro MMA bouts, including fights at Shooto Switzerland and Strength and Honor MMA.

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