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Jon Jones talks UFC Super Fight: I believe I'll beat Cain Velasquez at heavyweight

"When" Jon Jones moves up to heavyweight, he says he's confident that he has all the tools to beat the champ in Cain Velasquez.

Jon Jones will be looking to defend his belt for the 9th time against Anthony Johnson at UFC 187. The light heavyweight champ has gone on the record saying that he believes after beating DC and Rumble, he would consider the division clear, and that he would start to entertain super-fights.

He has even stated that he would fight interim champ Werdum "everyday, all day" because he feels like he would match up perfectly against the relatively small heavyweight. It's a statement that seemed to have ticked off Werdum, but now Jones has given a similar line stating that he believes he will beat UFC champ Cain Velasquez.

"I don't know when I'm going to move up in weight. I've entertained the thought of going to heavyweight so many times, and I think right now -- with all due respect to Anthony -- I believe I'll win that fight and get into super fights and rematches," Jones said at the Welcome to the Show press conference.

"If I do go to heavyweight or when I do go to heavyweight, I do believe I have the skill set to beat Cain (Velasquez)," he said. "Cain's a magnificent opponent. My main reason for believing I'll beat Cain is his size. He's not one of those massive heavyweights who's going to just outweigh and out-power me in every situation. He's a guy I can totally compete with, that I'm smart enough to compete with him."

Jones and Velasquez still have title defenses ahead of them before this could even be talked about, but this isn't the first time he's spoken about the heavyweight champ.

Last January, he said "I would fight Cain Velasquez in a heartbeat. I really would. I would love to fight AKA's best athletes. I believe I can defeat them all"

Velasquez weighed 241 lbs on his last UFC bout, but if he does eventually have a super-fight against Jones, he would have be 3 inches shorter and would have a 7.5 inch disadvantage in reach.