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Demetrious Johnson on Paige VanZant: 'A 20-year-old doesn't seem attractive'

Flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson talks about why he doesn't find Paige VanZant attractive and how he doesn't like to tell new acquaintances that he is a fighter.

UFC champion Demetrious Johnson has always struggled with mainstream popularity. While his in-cage exploits are a joy to behold, his mic and promotional skills leave a lot to be desired, which played a part in UFC 174's abysmal PPV buy rate. The Johnson vs. Ali Bagautinov main event garnered the promotion's lowest amount of pay-per-view buys in the modern era. It seems however that "Mighty Mouse" is content with the relative anonymity he has.

In a recent interview with the Fight Network, Johnson was asked if he tells people what he does for a living he had quite an unusual answer.

"I prefer if they don't know, to be honest it's none of their business. Honestly, when I'm playing video games and I'm out and about, trying to have a beer and stuff, I don't like to talk about fighting because it's what I do every single day, especially when they're not educated, it's not a conversation I'm always fond of having. When I play video games and people ask me "what I think about this", I'm like dude I don't give a f**k, like I'm on here to play video games, they're like "what do you think about Paige VanZant, I would knock the brakes off that" and I'm like guys I'm trying to play games, I'm a married man, a 20 year old doesn't seem attractive, I need a woman who can hold it down."

Demetrious Johnson next appears at UFC 186 in April when he defends his belt against Kyoji Horiguchi.

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