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Report: Fighter dies in the cage during Azerbaijan MMA tournament

Reports have emerged regarding the death of Ramin Zeynalov, who was competing in a national MMA competition in Azerbaijan.

By Michael Gil from Toronto, ON, Canada

According to a report from Sportbox, Ramin Zeynalov, a mixed martial arts fighter from Azerbaijan, died in the cage during a national MMA event in his home country earlier this week.

The 27-year-old seemingly suffered a devastating blow to the head, which lead to his collapse on the canvas. Doctors were unable to revive him and quickly pronounced his death.

The cause of death was later deemed a brain hemorrhage.

The deceased fighter's father, Aliabbas Zeynalov, informed Sportbox that he did not give his son permission to compete in the event, as he did not believe in the sport.

"My son competed without my permission. We were against it. I did not give him permission, he did not listen, and as a result - death."

According to his brother Rahman Zeynalov, Ramin held a blackbelt in Tae-Kwon-Do, a silver medal in a national kickboxing event, and experience in Muay Thai.

"He was not prepared for it very professionally, but he was a true athlete who won 11 medals. I watched the video of the moment of his death and there is no specific blame. He voluntarily took part in the competition, although the parents did not give him consent. He still went and wanted to take the prize.

"Ramin is the youngest brother in the family. He did not tell anyone that he had filed an application to participate in the fighting without rules. We found out about it by accident. Of course we started to dissuade him, saying that he had a family, he does not need, but he was not listening. He did not need the money, it was just his passion.

"He has a wonderful family, including his little daughter."

Rahman revealed that there is an official investigation into his brother's death. He added that Ranim's opponent offered his sincere condolences for the tragedy.

"I can not blame him for the death of his brother - he attacked him not with weapons; it was a battle."