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Video: Watch the full Hideo Tokoro vs. L.C. Davis fight from Bellator 135

Watch a replay of the full fight between Hideo Tokoro and L.C. Davis from the Bellator 135 main card.

During Friday night's Bellator 135 broadcast, a main card bout between Hideo Tokoro and L.C. Davis captured the hearts of those watching in attendance or at home on their TV screens.

Far from the most technical of encounters, the two bantamweight veterans put on a fight brimming with heart and determination - one that had several momentum shifts and riveting moments. In the end, Davis was awarded the split decision victory for his efforts in the co-main event.

Later on, the main event of the evening would see Marcos Galvao usurp Jo Warren's bantamweight title with a verbal submission to a kneebar attempt.