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Anderson Silva compares McGregor to disrespectful Sonnen: 'Everybody likes the cocky guy'

Anderson Silva understands why certain fighters like to run their mouths to hype their fights, but warns against crossing the line of acceptable trash talk.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

If anyone knows the value of an opponent that's willing to talk a lot of smack, it's Anderson Silva. The former UFC middleweight kingpin arguably found the brightest spotlight and biggest financial successes of his career off of his rivalry with perrenial contender Chael Sonnen. It's a parallel that Silva was able to draw between Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor's ongoing media tour, as reported by MMAFighting during a recent Q&A session in Brazil. However, that doesn't mean that Silva's support for that kind of fight promotion is unconditional, and he made it clear that "It's nice to promote events, everybody likes the cocky guy, but you can't cross that line."

For Silva, it seems, Sonnen definitely crossed the line:

"Sonnen crossed the line a little bit, disrespected our country and disrespected me, which isn't cool for our sport," Silva said. "We have women and kids, older people watching this sport. It's important to know how far we can go with promotion.

"If we don't promote it the right way, people don't see you with good eyes, and nobody would associate themselves with a guy that talks trash about the other guy's country, the other guy's wife. You have to promote the right way, with respect."

Recently, we've heard Nova Uniao coach Andre Pederneiras talk about how he's working on getting his fighters used to the idea of talking trash and working to promote fights in the media, but that there are a lot of cultural barriers to overcome for Brazilian fighters. So far, the UFC's World Championship Tour is definitely building a lot of hype for Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor, but it's likely that a lot of that is still down to McGregor's constant verbal jabs.

Aldo and McGregor are set to face off at UFC 189 on July 11th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stay tuned for more updates as the media tour continues and champion and challenger continue to trade blows through the media.