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Phil Baroni claims he's on his way to the WWE

Veteran MMA fighter Phil Baroni says that he's going to sign a developmental deal with the WWE, but other sources claim otherwise.

Anton Tabuena

Is The New York Bad Ass on his way over to pro wrestling? Well that's what Phil Baroni would like you to believe. The 38-year-old has fought in nearly ever MMA promotion you can name, and apparently he thinks it's time to step into the squared circle. He recently tweeted that he's going to WrestleMania 31 in California this weekend, and will be signing a contract with the WWE:

He also claimed in another tweet that he was 225 pounds and "clean as a whistle". Baroni (15-18) is on a three-fight losing streak in MMA, most recently getting stopped by Karo Parisyan last July in Bellator. That upped his losing streak to three.

While life in the WWE might be a good fit for the outspoken fighter, other sources (Jeremy Botter of Bleacher Report) are claiming that there is no deal in place:

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