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Andre Pederneiras on new anti-doping policy: 'UFC must decide if they are a show or a sport'

Nova Uniao's head coach, Andre Pederneiras, is all for the new anti-doping policy the UFC wants to establish. However, he believes the UFC must establish themselves as a sport or as show business before going down that road.

The man behind Nova Uniao is not sure how to react to the UFC's new anti-doping policy, which will be effective July 2015. From then on, the punishment for whoever tests positive for any sort of performance enhancing substance will be much stricter than before.

Andre Pederneiras, responsible for preparing famous fighters such as Jose Aldo and Renan Barao says the UFC needs to draw the line and establish themselves as a sports company or a show business company before they settle their sights on the new policy.

"If the UFC wants the best show and the guy is juiced, you will have the best show of your life," said Pederneiras to Portal do Vale Tudo. "If it is a sport and everyone is clean, maybe people won't be jumping out of their seats and cheering. I'm not saying it's right to do it, I'm against it, but everybody knows that if a guy is not under the effect of any substances, he will not perform as well as an athlete who is. It's a very tricky moment to figure out what path to take".

Pederneiras thinks the problems are bigger than just a matter of choosing to do it or not, though.  He believes there's much more to consider before jumping to conclusions.

"Guys who use it don't say they do. Sometimes I watch interviews and there's some guys bashing steroids and I know they take them.  It's complicated. If you're in this game and going down that path, you know you're taking a chance. Sometimes a guy is injured and even doctors tell them to take something in order to heal faster and then that guy is randomly tested and gets caught. So we need to consider all of that before we crucify someone."

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