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UFC 189 Video: Dana White needs to separate Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor during heated staredown

Things got a little dicey at a press conference in Boston, where the UFC president had to separate Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor during their staredown.

Ein von ufc (@ufc) gepostetes Video am

The mood isn't getting any better between Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor. After both opponents have arrived in Boston -- McGregor country and the fifth stage of their huge ten-city world tour -- they were obliged for another staredown at the end of a big press conference.

And this time, it almost got out of hand.

UFC president Dana White took his usual stance between both fighters and needed to intervene and separate the two, as McGregor got in Aldo's face again.

Aldo and McGregor had another intense staredown at the opening press conference in Aldo's hometown Rio de Janeiro that kicked of the media world tour on Saturday. Back then, McGregor told Aldo he "owns" his city and used the infamous Brazilian crowd chant 'uh vai morrer' (you are going to die) against him. Aldo stated afterwards that he was "very mad".

A day later in Las Vegas, McGregor stole Aldo's championship belt and mocked him with it. The following night, he called him a 'p***y'.

There are still five cities to go on the big world tour. White promised in an interview at UFC Tonight, that both fighters won't lay a finger on one another during the world tour. Well, the way things look right now, it will be a very tough job for him to keep that promise.

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