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Video: UFC 189 World Championship Tour Embedded, Ep 4 - Hit the 'Chicken Legs'

Watch the fourth episode of UFC 189 World Championship Tour Embedded.

The fourth episode of UFC 189 World Championship Tour Embedded is up and and Jose Aldo and Conor MCGregor are still in Las Vegas. While McGregor uses a break from his media obligations for a training session in the famed Ultimate Fighter gym, Jose Aldo opens up about his upbringing and shares a story about his father, who raised him alone.

Later, McGregor is up for a meeting with the mayor of Las Vegas and get's handed the "Lucky Chip" of the town. After him, it's Aldo's turn, who seems a little surprised that the mayor is in fact a woman.

After Aldo leaves the mayor's office, McGregor awaits him outside in a car and has fun insulting him with the Portuguese word for a women's genital, that he has obviously picked up recently. Earlier, when McGregor left the building, it was Aldo's team that dished out a little trash talk of their own, when they made fun of the Irishman's thighs, advising Aldo to attack his "chicken legs".

The funny part this time: Jose Aldo shows that, if one day his fighting career is over, he might have a future as a stripper.

At the end of this episode, Aldo and McGregor hit stage four of their media world tour: Los Angeles. Watch the video above.

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