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MMA 3-Way: Goodbye Brock, CM Punk, Ronda Rousey vs. Laila Ali or Honey Badger

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Yes, that's right -- it's everyone's favorite no-UFC-week, no-real-topic MMA show with Kid Nate, Eugene S. Robinson and Dallas Winston.

Brock Lesnar will not return to MMA -- does anyone care, and/or should they? Talk of UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey facing a man or professional boxer Laila Ali circulates, yet we're still hellbent on seeing Ronda fight Cris Cyborg or Honey Badger. What's worse: the UFC signing CM Punk or Bellator's upcoming Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock main event? All of these semi-scintillating topics -- along with, of course, a bunch of entirely random and unrelated shenanigans -- are discussed in this week's MMA 3-Way, and done so with absolutely no semblance of logic or organization.

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