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Dos Anjos on Pettis: He wanted to be Showtime, 'but that night it was Dos Anjos time'

UFC lightweight champion, Rafael dos Anjos didn't think too much of Anthony Pettis' gameplan, as he said he only needed to land a punch to make "Showtime's" strategy go down the drain. Furthermore, he's a little confused by what Conor McGregor recently had to say about him.

Rafael dos Anjos
Rafael dos Anjos
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Brazil's newest Champion, Rafael dos Anjos is enjoying all the glory back in his home country.

After beating Anthony Pettis at UFC 185 and becoming the UFC's lightweight champion, Dos Anjos made an appearance at UFC Fight Night 62,in Rio, where he was constantly cheered on by the fans and talked about how he executed his gameplan against such an unpredictable fighter like Pettis.

"I kept thinking everyone has a plan before they get punched, and that's what happened. " Said Dos Anjos to Portal do Vale Tudo. "He wanted to be flashy and all "Showtime" like, but that night it was Dos Anjos time.  The first punch I landed must have made him think it was going to be like that for the next 25 minutes. Though he's still a really tough guy. Many others would've quit right there when they couldn't see out of one eye, but he kept coming, he wasn't a champion for nothing".

A bit puzzled, Rafael also spoke about Conor McGregor's recent antics in Rio, where the Irishman claimed he would take his head off too, alongside of José Aldo's, during a rant at a local Brazilian pub.

"What does he want with me? He should really take care of the huge task he has in front of him, which is Aldo. He should stay at featherweight, because up here it's a whole different animal".

Rafael dos Anjos now waits for the winner of Donald Cerrone vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov, at UFC 187 to find out who will be his first title challenger.