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Former WWE star Bill Goldberg teaming with Glory, turned down fight with Del Rio

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Who's next? Glory apparently. Bill Goldberg will be hosting a special on Spike this Friday night for Glory and it's entirely possible this won't be the last time you see Goldberg and Glory together.

Pro wrestling superstar Bill Goldberg (or, if you prefer, just Goldberg) has been making news in the kickboxing world as of late thanks to some interesting back and forth with Glory. After an exchange of tweets that hinted at Goldberg possibly competing for Glory, then a leaked photo of Goldberg in a studio in front of a Glory sign, speculation was high. What is the connection between Goldberg and Glory? Now, we have our answer.

This Friday night, Goldberg will host Top 10 Knockouts: Glory Kickboxing on Spike TV. The show airs at 10:15 p.m. ET and will include both highlights from past Glory events as well as a preview of the upcoming Glory 20 event, airing one week later on Friday, April 3.

Much like Mike Tyson at Glory 19, the company is using Goldberg to help reach casual fans, but also like Tyson, they have here not only a big name, but also someone with a real interest in the company, as Goldberg has made it clear that he is a strong Glory supporter.

For those hoping the news would be the kickboxing debut of the former WCW champion, you're going to like this next bit of news. Though nothing is set yet, there have indeed been talks about Goldberg actually competing in Glory, and such a fight may still happen.

Goldberg was on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and confirmed that yes, he had been offered a fight. The proposed opponent? Jose Alberto Rodriguez, better known to wrestling fans as former WWE champion Alberto Del Rio or Alberto El Patron. He's also previously competed under the name Dos Caras, and it was under that name (and mask) that he fought Mirko Cro Cop at Pride Bushido 1 back in 2003, losing via spectacular head kick KO. Rodruguez actually put together a somewhat respectable 9-5 record in MMA at that time, but has been focused solely on pro wrestling since 2010.

Goldberg vs. Rodriguez was discussed for May 8, and while Goldberg decided against that fight, he is not against taking a Glory fight at some point.

Check out more from Goldberg Friday night on Spike as he hosts Top 10 Knockouts. And remember to join us here for Glory 20, Friday, April 3.