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Rousey responds to cheerleader challenge & Laila Ali: 'I think I could beat them both boxing'

Ronda Rousey has a response to the woman boxers out there calling her out, that she could probably beat you in the ring as well as the cage.

Ronda Rousey has no lack for confidence, and she's quick to say as much, telling TMZ reporters that "I think having that kind of belief in yourself is really important to being the kind of level that I'm trying to be." What kind of belief? The belief that with a refocusing of energy, Rousey could translate her MMA career into a highly competitive boxing career as well. The UFC bantamweight champion has been getting call-outs from all walks of life lately, most recently including a Houston Texans cheerleader and, of course, former boxing champion Laila Ali.

Rousey sounds like she's ready to take on all comers, whatever the venue, and that having that attitude is one of the keys to her success:

Honestly, I think I could beat them both boxing too, to be honest. But, I'm an Olympic athlete and I would want time to focus on that entirely. But, if I can go from judo to MMA, why couldn't I go from MMA to boxing? I think that having that kind of belief in yourself is really important to being the kind of level that I'm trying to be. And I think a lot of people are really offended by the mindset that it takes to be the best in the world. Just because I think I could be the best in the world at anything? That's not offending anyone or insulting anyone. I wasn't insulted by Leila Ali's thinking that she could beat me, because she's a world champion boxer. That's the way that she has to think. I'm not insulted by it at all. I'm like, "Good for you, you should think like that."

She also reiterated her feeling on facing bigger fighters, that it really isn't a problem:

Well, I come from Judo, which is all about using someone's weight and strength against them. So no, it's not an advantage at all. Actually, the stronger and bigger the person is, the harder they fall, literally.

At the moment, however, Rousey's time is already booked up. Not only is she about to begin filming one of several new movie projects, but she's got a fight booked too, against the Brazilian bantamweight Bethe Correia this August at UFC 190.

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