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UFC Fight Night: Maia vs. LaFlare betting recap

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Eddie Mercado recaps his Best Bet suggestions from UFC Fight Night: Maia vs. LaFlare.

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UFC Fight Night: Maia vs. LaFlare provided an action-packed night that saw some heavy favorites earn their keep and a grappling-savvy underdog achieve the upset. Let us take a look at my Best Bet Main Parlay, Power Parlay, Underdog Suggestions, and Prop Suggestions stacked up against the odds makers. We will also be checking in with our new combat sports gamblers, Wate Nilcox and Sane Zimon, to see how my suggestions affected their unit gains.

Main Parlay (Best Bet 2-0-0) URP- 50%

My Main Parlay was victorious as it donned my Best Bet badge of approval. Gilbert Burns (-500) called upon his BJJ pedigree as he submitted Alex Oliveira (+350) via armbar in the third round. Amanda Nunes (-400) demolished Shayna Baszler (+300) in the first round of their tilt. My Main Parlay saw a Unit Return Percentage (URP) of 50%.

Power Parlay (1-1-0) URP- 80%

My Power Parlay paid dividends as Gilbert Burns (-500) and Amanda Nunes (-400) were joined by welterweight warrior Erick Silva (-450). Silva dispatched Josh Koscheck (+325) in the first round via Guillotine Choke. My Power Parlay saw an attractive URP of 80%.

Underdog Suggestions (2-1-0)

Underdog Demian Maia (+135) displayed his grappling prowess as he scored the nod against the previously undefeated Ryan LaFlare (-160) in the main event.

Tony Martin (+100) fell short against Leonardo Santos (-125) as he was submitted in the second round via Rear Naked Choke.

Prop Suggestion (0-2-0)

Gilbert Burns vs. Alex Oliveira did not finish under 1.5 rounds (+110).

Amanda Nunes vs. Shayna Baszler did not last over 1.5 rounds (-130).

Wate Nilcox- +2.72u

Mr. Nilcox placed a 15 unit wager on my Best Bet Main Parlay and saw a return of 7.5 units. Since Gilbert Burns fought after Amanda Nunes, Nilcox placed a 4.28 unit wager on Alex Oliveira (+350). My Best Bet netted Nilcox 3.22 units. He also dropped .5 units when Tony Martin (+100) fell short for an overall gain of 2.72 units.

Sane Zimon- +6.63u

Mr. Zimon wagered 10 units on my Best Bet Main Parlay and saw a return of 5 units. He also placed a 5 unit wager on my Power Parlay and saw a return of 4.16 units. Zimon placed a 1.53 unit hedge wager on Josh Koscheck (+325) for a net of 2.63 units. He dropped a single unit on my Nunes vs. Baszler Prop Suggestion for an overall gain of 6.63 units.

UFC Fight Night: Maia vs. LaFlare was a victorious battle in the ongoing war against the odds makers. My Best Bet Main Parlay and Power Parlay enabled Wate Nilcox and Sane Zimon to beat the bookies thus increasing their unit gains. Stay tuned to for my future Best Bet suggestions and to track the progress of our favorite combat sports gamblers, Wate Nilcox and Sane Zimon.

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