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Anthony Pettis says he won't fight on same card as brother Sergio in future

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Anthony Pettis says that one of the things he's going to changes after losing his lightweight title is to not compete on the same card as his little brother Sergio Pettis going forward.

Former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis had a bad night on March 14th, and he wasn't the only Pettis who did. His brother Sergio Pettis fought on the same UFC 185 card as big brother Anthony, and was knocked out in the second round of his flyweight bout with Ryan Benoit. Showtime lost his title in the main event, dropping a lopsided decision to Rafael dos Anjos.

Showtime says he's going to make some changes after the loss, and the biggest one will be to not compete on the same card as his little brother. He explained his rationale on the The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwan (via MMA Fighting):

"The biggest thing I think I'm gonna change is me and my little bro fighting on the same card. The first time it went amazing, the second time not so well. He got knocked out, I had to watch that and get up mentally for my fight. Not making excuses or nothing, but them little things could have triggered my performance."


"He gets knocked out and then you gotta reset the battery, reset everything and try to get back up for the next fight. I think it was just a little bit too much for everybody emotionally to go through. Next time if I'm fighting in a big fight like that, it has to be all about me."

He did say that it didn't have a huge effect on him though:

I don't think it really messed me up mentally,. I mean, it sucks to see him lose like that, to get knocked out. He had a great first round. Second round, he just got caught. It happens. Exchanging hooks, I've seen it a million times in combat sports."

Pettis (18-3, 5-2 UFC) suffered a broken orbital bone in his loss and will probably be on the shelf for a little while.