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TUF Brazil 4 contestant has UFC bid nixed due to brain aneurysm

When news broke that Alexander Capitao had vacated his Jungle Fight title for the UFC, most expected that he'd been signed directly by the promotion. Now it turns out, after a failed TUF medical, that he doesn't have a contract at all.

Guilherme Cruz/MMAFighting

A little while back, we reported (from Olimpo MMA) that Alexandre de Almeida, also known as Alexandre "Capitao" was on his way to the UFC, after vacating his Jungle Fight title. It turns out that wasn't quite the case. Capitao was actually on his way to the TUF house for the upcoming season of the Ultimate Fighter Brazil, featuring bantamweights and lightweights. Now, he's not going anywhere at all.

MMAFighting reports that Capitao's UFC bid has been cancelled, after a pre-TUF medical revealed that the fighter may have suffered a recent brain aneurysm. Capitao spoke about the diagnosis, claiming that he has had tests done in Brazil since, and should be cleared to fight:

"I was depressed and thought I would never fight again because brain injuries are serious," he said. "I was devastated for two weeks, thought my career was over. I decided to go to Sao Paulo and do more exams. They have the best doctors in Sao Paulo. I told them what happened, that I never felt anything wrong, and they did a cerebral angiography with contrast. I got the results Wednesday, and the exam came back clean.

"It was a miracle, or the lab changed my exams," he added. "There were three different Alexandres that day in the lab, so I don't know what happened."

Captiao says he is still hopeful that his shot in the UFC will come, stating "I lost this great opportunity because of this problem. I'm waiting for a chance, maybe sign with the UFC. I'm hopeful." However, he is not the first fighter to be similarly afflicted, and to have it affect his ability to get a UFC contract. Brian Foster suffered a brain hemorrhage while under Zuffa contract and was released from the UFC due to fears over his health. He has since been cleared to compete, but despite going 6-2 since then has been unable to secure a second go-round with the big show.

Similarly, Eddie Yagin was released from his UFC contract after a subdural hematoma caused swelling around his brain. On the flip side is current UFC welterweight Tiago Alves, was discovered to have an arteriovenous malformation in his brain, back in 2010. He spent 5 months on the sidelines after going through surgery to correct the problem, but has been with the UFC ever since.