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Dana White: No matter what, UFC 'going to support' Anderson Silva

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The UFC president made it clear that his company will stand behind it's former champion, regardless the outcome of his ongoing PED case.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Anderson Silva has been with the UFC for almost nine years. Over this period of time, he has become one of their most valuable assets and a true figurehead of the company. Well, until he was busted for steroids and anti-anxiety drugs prior to and after his fight against Nick Diaz at UFC 183, of course.

Silva quickly went from the poster boy of the UFC to the public face of the ongoing problem the sport of MMA has with performance enhancing drugs. But no matter what will happen after the sports commission is finished making an example of him, the UFC will stand by his side. This is according to the company's president Dana White at the UFC Fight Night 62 post-fight press conference in Rio de Janeiro:

"Anderson has been a huge part of this company and regardless of how this thing comes out, we're going to support the guy,"

Silva's decision win over Diaz is assuredly going to be overturned and changed to a No Contest by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. In addition to that, the Brazilian icon is facing a financial penalty as well as a suspension. According to reports from Brazil, that suspension could last 18 months, what would be a long time for a PED offense. But White feels, it could be even longer than that:

"He's going to go before the Nevada Athletic Commission and I have no idea what's going to happen," he said. "I know there were some rumors down here that he's only going to get 18 months. I don't believe that's true and I don't know how anyone would know anything like that. That's just a rumor. We'll see what happens when he goes before the commission."

(Transcription via MMA Fighting)