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UFC Fight Night: Maia vs. LaFlare main card results recap

Bloody Elbow recaps the main card bouts from UFC Fight Night: Maia vs. LaFlare last night in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Here we look at the first four main card bouts.

Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

While Saturday night's co-main and main event provided the fans with some relatively known names, the other 4 main card fights featured a mix of veterans and a number of lesser known prospects who were eager to impress. The lack of overall name power on the card was more than made up for by the impressive finishes that the main card provided.

Godofredo Pepey vs. Andre Fili

In the opening fight of the main card, TUF Brazil runner up Godofredo Pepey faced Team Alpha Male prospect, Andre "Touchy" Fili.

Official Result: Godofredo Pepey def. Andre Fili via submission (triangle choke) - Round 1, 3:14

What was the high point of the fight?

This fight was short and sweet but the definite high point was the finish. How often do we get to see a flying triangle finish in the UFC? What was even more impressive than the sub itself was that Pepey had the patience to re-adjust and take his time with the choke, instead of bailing on it all together to retain guard like a lot of fighters would have.

Where do these two go from here?

Pepey is so much fun to watch but at the end of the day he is a very limited fighter who struggles against well-rounded fighters. I would like to see Pepey continue his current path of fighting in Brazil against fighters on a similar skill level. Last night's win marks his 3rd straight in the UFC and the UFC would be wise to try to build him up slowly, like they have Neil Magny.

For Andre Fili, last night's fight will end up being a good learning experience. At 24, Fili has a long career ahead of him and he was taught a lesson last night which he will without a doubt take on board. Expect him to come back as a better fighter after this difficult loss.

Watch now, later, or never?

100 percent worth watching right now. It's only 3 minutes long and features a sweet rare flying triangle finish.

Gilbert Burns vs. Alex Oliveira

Official Result: Gilbert Burns def. Alex Oliveira via submission (armbar) - Round 3, 4:14

What was the high point of the fight?

Jiu jitsu! If there was ever an event where jiu-jitsu showed how fun to watch it could be, it was last night. The omoplata sequence from Burns last night was a thing of beauty. Once the fight hit the mat in the 3rd, Burns showed just how amazing his ground game is and eventually got the submission victory.

Where do these two go from here?

Gilbert Burns was a huge betting favorite last night and he did what everyone expected of him by submitting Oliveira, but it was far from easy for him. I still would have some interest in him fighting Josh Thomson, who he was supposed to fight last night.

Oliveira looked better than anyone expected and he probably earned a ton of new fans. Being 2 rounds up against Gilbert Burns is seriously impressive, but I think Oliveira's development as a fighter would be best served with a big step down in competition.

Watch now, later, or never?

Let's admit it, everyone loves to see a good come-from-behind victory so this fight is a must watch. Gilbert Burns' jiu-jitsu in the 3rd round is worth a watch alone, but the fact that he managed to pull of the finish despite such adversity is great.

Shayna Baszler vs. Amanda Nunes

Official Result: Amanda Nunes def. Shayna Baszler via TKO (strikes) - Round 1, 1:56

What was the high point of the fight?

This fight was hard to watch but Nunes did exactly what was needed and her striking was the obvious high point.

Where do these two go from here?

Nunes called for a rematch with Cat Zingano following her victory last night and I wouldn't be opposed to seeing that fight. The pair met at UFC 178 and Nunes almost finished Zingano early in the fight, but ended up losing in the 3rd round.

Baszler was at one point a very good fighter. Those days are far behind her now, and she is no longer as confident or physically imposing as she once was. Baszler should really consider retirement as she has lost 4 of her last 5 fights.

Watch now, later, or never?

Never. This fight was always going to be a blowout and a one-sided beating like this one isn't fun to watch.

Leonardo Santos vs. Tony Martin

Official Result: Leonardo Santos def. Tony Martin via submission (rear-naked choke) - Round 3, 2:29

What was the high point of the fight?

The high point of this fight was once again jiu-jitsu. this time Santos was the fighter displaying his slick submission savvy, scoring a beautiful armbar finish.

Where do these two go from here?

Santos is a TUF Brazil champion on a 4-fight unbeaten streak in the UFC. It makes sense to assume that he will next appear on UFC 190 in Brazil and I think deserves a crack at someone in the top 15.

Martin has lost 3 of his last 4 and is most likely on the chopping block. I would be surprised if he wasn't cut from the UFC after this loss.

Watch now, later, or never?

If this is being rerun on television absolutely watch it, but by no means should you specifically seek it out. it was a decent fight but not worth watching immediately.