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UFC Video: Referee makes epic blunder at Leandro Silva vs Drew Dober bout

Watch the referee pull off (another) epic blunder during the UFC: Maia vs. LaFlare card.

Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

During the Leandro Silva vs. Drew Dober bout, the referee made a huge blunder. As Silva was attempting an arm in guillotine choke, referee Eduardo Herdy suddenly called the bout a technical submission thinking Dober was out, when he was clearly defending himself.

Watch the clip of the sequence above. Unfortunately, this wasn't his only major mistake on the card. Read the details on his first mistake here: One that has Dana White calling for him to never officiate a fight again.

Here's the play-by-play on the bout in question from the live blog of the event:

Silva is high in Dober's closed half guard, looking to slide his leg free and mount. He passes but only side mount and Dober gives up his back, then extends his head too far forward while escaping, and Silva drops back for a guillotine.

In a shocking moment of incompetence, the ref -- the same who embarrassingly late on a previous submission stoppage -- inexplicably intervenes and waves the fight off even though Dober never tapped nor appeared to be in any real danger. Literally one of the worst referee blunders in UFC history.

Leandro Silva defeats Drew Dober by submission (guillotine/ref incompetence) R2 2:45

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