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Video: Tyrone Spong scores brutal knockout in his second boxing match

After an 11 month hiatus Tyrone Spong's career seems to be getting back on track as tonight he entered the boxing ring once for the second time this month

Following a long absence from combat sport due to a horrific compound fractureTyrone Spong finally seems to be getting back into the swing of things. At Glory 15 Spong faced Gohan Saki and unfortunately suffered a potentially career threatening Anderson Silva-esque leg break but unlike Silva, Spong's recovery and return has been remarkable and quick after just 11 months, Spong returned against Gabar Farcas 2 weeks ago scoring a beautiful knock out.

It seems that following his long absence, Spong is eager to stay active as he fought once again in a boxing match on Saturday night against Emre Altintas and like his fight with Farcas this one ended with a brutal knockout. Spong looked assured throughout dropping his opponent for an 8 count with a powerful liver shot before finishing off the fight with a vicious overhand right.

It remains to be seen when Spong will make his return to kickboxing and MMA but Spong was in attendance at UFC Dublin in July and begged Dana White for a spot in the UFC in the future, something that Dana seemed open to.

H/T ZombieProphet