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The MMA Prospectus: UFC 185, amateur Brazilian MMA & Fight Night Rio

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Zane Simon and T.P. Grant are once again joined by Sherdog's Patrick Wyman to talk about everything in the world of prospect MMA.

While the UFC may not be gobbling up massive ratings successes with their latest PPV and upcoming Fight Night offerings, they are giving platform to a whole lot of rising MMA prospects. Fighters like Gilbert Burns, Henry Cejudo, Elias Theodorou, Joseph Duffy, and many others are shining right now, thanks to the UFC stage. Which, of course, means we have ton of stuff to talk about this week. Not only are we taking one more look at Joanna Jedrzejczyk's amazing performance and Sergio Pettis' not so amazing performance, but we're talking about what we hope to see out of Christos Giagos, Leonardo Mafra, and Alex Oliveira ("Cowboy") as well.

We've also recently come across reports that Wallid Ismail is looking to start an amateur MMA circuit in Brazil. I was initially pretty happy about this news, but Pat was quick to throw cold water on the groin of my MMA idealism... or something less metaphorically disturbing.

If, for some reason, you can't watch our Ooyala player, you can still catch the whole show over on YouTube. While you're there, remember to give us a "like" and to subscribe to MMANATIONDOTCOM for lots more Bloody Elbow shows and Interviews.

If seeing Patrick's constant enthusiasm lays bare the depths of your ennui, there's an audio only version: MMA Prospectus: FN Rio AUDIO ONLY