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José Aldo: 'Conor's a funny guy, but I only care about me'

Conor McGregor is in Rio and is doing his best to tease José Aldo in his home country, but the UFC featherweight champion still is not impressed by what the Irish man has to say.

José Aldo
José Aldo
Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Conor McGregor’s trash talk does not impress Jose Aldo.

During a Q&A session in Rio, the UFC featherweight title challenger did his best to get under Aldo’s skin, but the champion didn’t seem to care too much. All ‘Scarface’ had to say was that McGregor’s antics are funny, but he prefers to focus on their fight.

"He’s a pretty funny guy. He does some things I can’t help but laugh at. But I’m not worried about this personal aspect of the game, I’m preparing myself for the professional side. I’m concentrating on everything I trained in order to execute it perfectly when the time comes", said Aldo to Portal do Vale Tudo.

Asked about McGregor’s size advantage, Aldo once again remained unfazed. The champion went on to say he has already faced similar competition and it did not change the outcome.

"I fought Jonathan Brookins who is a southpaw and much bigger than him. Size doesn’t matter to me. It never has and it never will. I’ll leave that to him. I only care about me. My training, my team, my coaches. I know I’ll be ready to go out there and beat him".

Still a man of few words, José Aldo will face Conor McGregor on July 11, at UFC 189, in Las Vegas.

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