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UFC 189: Conor McGregor: After the first exchange, Jose Aldo will turn into a grappler

Conor McGregor states that after the first exchange at UFC 189, Jose Aldo will turn into a grappler.

When Conor McGregor spoke about how he stacks up against Jose Aldo, he laid out some 'facts' on why he is taking home that belt at UFC 189.

"At the end of the day, facts are facts. When I hit you, you fall. It's that simple," McGregor told the Brazilian media. "It doesn't matter where. It doesn't even matter if you have your hands up and it comes through your guard. I hit, and it breaks, that's it."

"I feel after the first exchange, he will turn into a grappler, 100%."

He also took shot at how Jose Aldo hasn't been stopping his UFC opponents.

"Look at Jose. Look at the facts of his career. Who has he stopped? He has had one legit finish in his UFC career," he states. "He 'finished' Korean Zombie, who tore his shoulder. A fluke stoppage and he was running around the octagon like he stopped it himself. He has had one finish inside the UFC's octagon."

"I'm only here not even a wet day, and I've had four," he exclaims.

McGregor is referring to the TKO of Chad Mendes, where he landed a knee after a somewhat controversial fence grab back in 2012.

"That's the only finish he's had. What else has he got? And Chad is that height! Chad is that height!" McGregor said as he motioned to his chest. "I swear to my life, he's that height. His arms are this size, and he was getting lit up!"

"Chad fucked him up and put the fear of God into him," McGregor said about their rematch at UFC 179. "I was there ringside, I saw everything. I saw him looking at the ref out of frustration. He might have won the contest, but Chad probably won the fight."

"They are both equal I feel, and they are both below with me."

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