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Conor McGregor: Jose Aldo will 'quiver and make woman noises' at UFC 189

Conor McGregor says that Jose Aldo won't try anything during stare downs, instead he will 'quiver and make woman noises'

During a world tour to promote their upcoming title fight at UFC 189, Conor McGregor had a stop in Brazil. He was apparently asked by the PR people if he wanted to play football against the champion in Jose Aldo as part of the promotional activities.

"The fuck?!", McGregor said as he spoke about his initial reaction to the idea. "I'm not playing football. I'm not here to play games, I'm here to kill him!"

During the lead up to Aldo's last title defense, the featherweight champion shoved Chad Mendes in front of the cameras during a stare down. He latter admitted that it was simply an attempt to sell the fight and 'spice things up', and McGregor called him out on it.

"He's a fake," Conor exclaimed. "Trying to "sell" things. What are you trying to sell? I'm not trying to sell nothing. I'm trying to rob him. I'm going to rob him of everything!"

"If he pushes me, it's on. If we go head to head, see what happens. I'm here ready to fight, make no mistake about it," he said. "He won't try that against me. He will quiver and make woman noises. That's what he will do."

McGregor also addressed the reception he's been getting from the Brazilian media. Apart from throwing darts at a photo of Aldo to try and rile up his opponent's supporters, the Notorious says that he is beloved in the country.

"They love me out here. I own this town. I own Rio," he said. "Where's Jose? He's not even here. Rumor is he even fled the country. I love it here. Make no mistake, Brazil loves me. I'm taking over his town and he's nowhere to be seen."

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