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Rampage Jackson fires back at Bellator injunction: 'I never received any paperwork'

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Former UFC champion Rampage Jackson blasts his former promotion Bellator over a last minute injunction they have filed in an attempt to stop him from fighting at UFC 186.

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Bellator MMA have filed an injunction against former UFC champion, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, in an attempt to stop him from fighting at UFC 186 against Fabio Madonado. Rampage made 3 rather successful appearances in the Bellator cage, scoring knockout victories over Joey Beltran and Christian M'Pumbu, before beating longtime rival Muhammed Lawal by decision at Bellator 120. It was after Rampage's last victory that things began to go sour between him and Bellator.

According to Jackson, a number of terms relating to his contract were unfulfilled by Bellator, terms including a movie deal and a reality television series. This led to Jackson terminating his contract and eventually re-signing with the UFC.

After months without any legal objection, Bellator MMA have finally filed an injunction in an attempt to stop Rampage appearing on next month's UFC card. But, an unphased Jackson has tweeted out a statement blasting his former promoters.

It remains to be seen just how strong Bellator's claim is, but with the timing of the injunction it seems that they are trying to force a judge to have the UFC scrap Rampage's fight against Maldonado until legal proceedings take place.