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Anthony Johnson owns fight prank on Dana White: He 'damn near sh*t on himself'

Anthony Johnson and Jon Jones ended up as unlikely allies during a recent press conference as the pair of future opponents joined forces to prank UFC president Dana White.

Jon Jones has had a very controversial past few months, from his altercation with Daniel Cormier at a pre-fight press conference, to his failed drugs test. Things have gone from bad to worse for the champ, so when it appeared that Jon Jones and Anthony "Rumble" Johnson were about to brawl at a press conference this weekend, everyone expected all hell to break loose, but everything wasn't as it seemed.

Anthony Johnson approached long-time champion Jones backstage and asked for his help in shocking the fight community, telling him "We need to do something to get everybody going." But, it was the champion, apparently, who came up with the plan to re-create his pre-fight brawl with Cormier.

"If Dave was up there, it would have been perfect," Johnson said afterward to "It is what it is. I think it's even better, though, because it was Dana. You know, Dana is Mr. Billy Bad Ass. You can't do anything to him. He definitely damn near sh*t on himself."
"I can't do it," he said. "It was so high. The pitch of his voice was so high, but the expression on his face was priceless."

Afterwards White admitted the pair had managed to fool him: "They got me," White said, adding sarcastically: "It was funny. Very funny."

Jon Jones finds himself in an unusual position it seems that Johnson, unlike a lot of Jones' most recent opponents has a genuine like for his adversary, which is no doubt a welcome relief for Jones, as over the last few years he has been made out to be the bad guy by his opponents.

Anthony Johnson has been on a tear since moving up to 205lbs, defeating seven straight opponents, including one lone venture up to the heavyweight division, where he beat former UFC champion Andrei Arlovski. He and Jones are set to square off at UFC 187 on May 23rd, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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