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Report: Burt Watson walks out on UFC mid-Rousey PPV

One of the UFC's most recognized figures is apparently out of the organization, and nobody seems quite sure as to why.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

He's been the UFC's "Babysitter to the Stars" for years. Burt Watson has been the man behind the curtain for most UFC events, keeping fighters on schedule for weigh-ins, walkouts, and everything in-between. Suddenly, in a flash, it appears he's gone. Rumors started spreading early Monday morning that the UFC's event coordintor had quit his job with the promotion, possibly due to an argument with management.

It could be that Watson really is on the outs with the UFC, and will no longer be a part of the organization. However, that's not what UFC 184 fighters were apparently told this morning by UFC officials, when they asked about Watson's whereabouts.

Hopefully, more details will emerge soon to clarify the situation. Neither Watson, nor the UFC have released an official statement as to why he left UFC 184. So, stay tuned.

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